Due to these uncertain times and school closures, information may not have been provided to students in a timely manner.  Therefore, we did not receive sufficient applications to award scholarships this year.  If you did submit an application, please know that your application will be included in the 2021 scholarship consideration.

Thank you for your interest in the Stephanie Joseph Memorial Fund Scholarship

This scholarship fund has been developed in the loving memory of Stephanie Joseph, who was an inspiration to many and will remain in our hearts forever. The recipient of this scholarship will be awarded funds to pursue academic ambitions with the courage, passion, valor and strength that Stephanie showed while faced with overwhelming adversity. The individual must possess the strong desire to attend college and continue academic pursuits in the face of hardship or adversity. The hardship may be on a personal level or within their immediate family.

The application must be completed and postmarked no later than April 24, 2020.

Click here for 2019 Scholarship Application

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